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To: Paul James - Leader of Gloucester City Council

Gloucester Recycling is Rubbish

Gloucester Recycling is Rubbish

Thanks to poor management by both the City Council and Amey, 2000 tonnes of your recycling has been lost and probably found its way into the tip! Why? Nobody knows!

Amey is the contractor responsible for the collection of your waste and recyclables. This 'error' has cost the Council, your Council, almost £300,000 in lost income.

It is clearly time for a root & branch review of the City Council's waste disposal service.

Time for Richard Cook to resign as Cabinet Member for the Environment and time to sack Amey.

Time to bring the waste collection service back in house where it can be better monitored and managed.

Please sign this petition and give your support to these demands.

Why is this important?

Waste collection is an area that affects all of us, not just the day to day cleanliness of our city but also our impact on the environment.

This failure by Gloucester City Council, and their Contractor Amey, has a wide ranging impact on us as residents. Our environment is unnecessarily impacted by the recycling we sort being placed into landfill due to ineffeciencies and the services we need are degraded by the shortfall in funding due to recycling not being able to be sold.

£300,000 is a large part of our council's budget which, with the continued defunding of our local councils from central government, we can not afford. We are chastised if our bins are put out with the lid open but the lack of scrutiny or diligence in the Council's handling of Amey and their contract is frankly mind boggling, it's time for change.

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Reasons for signing

  • Amey's management of the waste collection service in Gloucester has been shocking. As a result, 2000 tonnes of recycling has been lost and it has likely found it's way to the landfill site at Hempsted. The fact this error has cost this city's ratepayers £300k should be grounds enough for Richard Cook's resignation and Amey's contract being terminated and waste collections and also grounds maintenance being brought back in house


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