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Help Inclusion Ventures Find A Secure Space on the Percy King Estate

Help Inclusion Ventures Find A Secure Space on the Percy King Estate

At present we are having to find a new location that we can deliver our young people drop-in sessions from as we have been asked to leave the base at the Coppins Community Centre from the 1st January 2018 after 15 years of renting the premises.

Why is this important?

As many of you know, at Inclusion Ventures we offer a range of support to young people aged 7+ and their families. We run a number of our sessions from Coppins Hall Community Centre in the 'Base' room, in the last six months alone we have been running up to six sessions a week from the centre supporting around 15+ children in each session. We had a re-launch of the Inclusion Ventures space back in March this year, where the staff and the children took on the task of making the room into a safe, welcoming and home from home type environment. Being at the centre of this estate our sessions have been used to meet the needs of the community, we have offered from these sessions a variety of support. Support includes:

-Emotional Support
- Mentoring
-Sports Activities
- Arts and Crafts
- Drama
- Music
- Relationship Building,
-Health eating
-Restorative justice
-Family Support
-We also know that healthy eating is a big concern of many of the parents of our young people so we also use these sessions to provide healthy meals free of charge.

For the time being we will continue to support our young people as we know they are the most important people in all of this and will unfortunately be the most affected by this change. We will be providing out reach services and offering trips to local organisations at the times when sessions would have been on whenever possible.

This petition will be a vital way of showing funders and the local council that Inclusion Ventures needs a space of its own within the Percy King community in Clacton to fully meet the needs of our young people. So we need your help! Please could you sign the petition and leave any feedback you have about the services and the need for Inclusion Ventures to continue being a part of such a fantastic community.

We are so sorry that this is happening and for the inconvenience it will cause. Please be assured that all of the Inclusion Ventures team are working hard to get this issue resolved. You can contact us on 01255 688685 for any further information or concerns.


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Reasons for signing

  • I signed Because this company is like family and they have done so much for me and others it's only fair we help them when they need help too


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