To: Highland Council

Help the people of Raigmore to purchase the Raigmore Bunker

Help the people of Raigmore to purchase the Raigmore Bunker

I am petitioning on behalf of CARE (Community Action for Raigmore Estate) and we want to purchase the Raigmore Bunker.
We are in a very fortunate position to have been approached by a member of the Civil Defence and Emergency Service Preservation Trust, they plan to make an offer on the bunker and to lease it to CARE to the benefit of the whole community.
I would like the Highland Council to consider our offer as we believe it would be the best value, our offer possibly won't be the highest but it certainly will be the best value when it comes to community empowerment.
There is no other group or company who are in a position to offer what we can to the community or who have the communities interest at heart as we do.

Why is this important?

CARE have worked very hard to improve Raigmore Estate with 2 parks and a skatepark already installed, the addition of this bunker and exterior space would greatly improve what we can offer.
The Civil Defence and Emergency Service Preservation Trust have transformed a bunker in Dundee and will do the same with this one. This facility will be available for tours and bookings and will be restored to its functional state.
In addition CARE plan to run a community cafe, to rent workspace to locals, meeting space for groups and an outdoor area for events.
All profits will go back into the community.
We would greatly appreciate your support to make this happen.


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Reasons for signing

  • Local issues
  • Community is more important than profit
  • For the community


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