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The Homeless need water 'Somewhere in Summer'.

The Homeless need water 'Somewhere in Summer'.

Rough sleepers are likely to get sunstroke/heat exhaustion from being exposed to sunlight, therefore I call upon the signatories to provide free water to homeless people from locations which are convenient to rough sleepers.

Why is this important?

I follow #HugosEarthquake, and that has launched a campaign over summer called 'Somewhere in Summer', which aims to raise awareness to the fact that people can be homeless during the summer months. Although the temperature is naturally warmer compared to winter, it's #HugosEarthquake's, and our supporters, belief that homeless people in summer need the level of dignity and respect like every human does.

By signing this petition, I hereby back the motion that bosses of homeless organisations and services connected to homeless should provide free bottled water to the homeless during the summer months, in a location that is easy for the homeless. This free water service can be used as a point of contact to signpost for support services.

Thank you.

How it will be delivered

Over email and in person.

Reasons for signing

  • the homeless DO NEED something in the warmer months! Water, we all take it for granted but where would you go if you had no home and no money?


2016-08-01 18:51:29 +0100

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