To: UK Government

Implement and Enforce the Criminal Finances Act in Full and Without Further Delay

Implement and Enforce the Criminal Finances Act in Full and Without Further Delay

Following the first ever nerve agent attack on UK soil in Salisbury on Sunday 4th March 18, the UK Government is to immediately implement, with no amendments, filibustering or loopholes, the Criminal Finances Act (the UK version of the Magnitsky Act).

Why is this important?

This act has been successfully implemented in the US, targeting those malign actors (particularly in the employ of the Russian State) that utilise intimidation, fear mongering, thuggery, assassination and trolling to further their own ends, the ends of their state and avoid prosecution through the true rule of law. It targets them where they can be hurt the most: their wallets.

Following the nerve agent attack in Salisbury on 4th March 18 the Russian State (as by far and away the most likely perpetrator) have taken yet another step towards exporting globalised intimidation, corruption and "warfare by other means".

The Sunday Times has today (11th March 18) revealed that, despite promises from the Prime Minister in the 2016 election, "Russian oligarchs and their associates have registered donations of more than £820,000 to the Conservative Party since Theresa May became prime minister" (The Sunday Times - 11 March 18). The leading party in the UK Government has accepted money from the most likely state agent of this attack.

As such they cannot be trusted, without pressure, to respond to this attack with the necessary "robustness" that they have promised. There are already calls from within the governing Conservative Party to "wait and collect evidence" so as not to "act disproportionately". The Russian State are reliant on such rigid adherence to "due process", knowing full well how to circumvent it and continue operating with impunity.

This petition calls on all MPs in all parties to support the implementation of the Criminal Finances Act IN FULL and IMMEDIATELY as the only appropriate response to this heinous and egregious assault on our sovereignty and our safety.

This will not stand, and while our politicians shuffle their feet, wring their hands and worry about their donations, we will act. For Sergei Skripal, his daughter and our own Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey who remains in a serious condition at this time, we raise this petition to force all politicians from all parties (including those financially incentivised to look the other way) to vote in favour of this act as a start to the UK's response to this attack on our people and our nation.