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To: The Royal Borough of Kingston

Improvements for Kingfisher and Fairfield

Improvements for Kingfisher and Fairfield

The green space of Fairfields and the adjoining Kingfisher area and playground in Kingston town centre are continuously targeted by addicts and anti social behaviours. The local residents, and residents of the entire and surrounding boroughs, want to see something done. The litter and appearance of dangerous items like needles, syringes and broken glass has to STOP. The children of the borough have the right to access public green spaces and have the freedom to play without fear or danger.

We would like improvements for the long term - better, cleaner, safer, age appropriate play equipment AND gates that are locked overnight. We also believe improved lighting in the area at night would dissuade anti social behaviour, particularly near the benches and tables inside the play area. More bins are needed inside the play area as well as on the Fairfields proper.

Why is this important?

We believe these long term spends would improve access for safe play for residents and people from all over the borough who visit the site.

The site is directly next to the local public swimming pool and as such attracts a lot of visitors. Long term solutions are proven to be the right option.

We all feel that sending someone to litter pick on the rare occasion a resident makes a complaint simply cannot be accepted as a solution. It is a weak, short term solution for a big problem, and the council need to stop avoiding the issue and do the right thing by its residents.

Kingston upon Thames

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