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To: The Prime Minister and the First Minister

Help stop our children's mental health crisis

Please give the NHS's mental health professionals the new treatments they need to help children and young people affected by mental illness in our fast changing world. It's in the public interest to increase mental health research funding by £70m+ pa.

Why is this important?

Mental Illness has more impact on children and young people than any other illness, according to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) burden of disease measure.

Thanks to the Royals and others, the stigma of mental illness is diminishing but our investigation has found that it continues in the important area of mental health research.

The best evidence suggests current research funding in the UK and Scotland is biased against mental illness. Please bring mental health research funding into line with its high cost to society and its burden of disease on us and our children.

Miricyl SCIO
We want to Create more Mental Illness Research in Children and Young Lives. Please join our campaign. Charity number SC047522

How it will be delivered

We want to deliver the petition to the Prime Minister and the First Minister



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Thank you to everyone for getting us over the 200 mark. Great work!

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Posting, tweeting and emailing not enough?

This free app lets you send a personalised SMS to all your contacts. It's supposed to get a great response. When was the last time you ignored a text? Yes sounds like a big ask but everyone will think it is a personal message from you...

1. Download the app You need to verify its your phone with a code they text you. (Try sending a test message to yourself if this does not activate)
2. On the app click Select all (top left)
3. Compose (top right)
4. Write Hi hit the "First name" tab and your text is personalised and write your message
5. Add our url
6. Press done (top right)
7. Hit the (tiny) send arrow in the top right

It's not like a whatsapp group message. They are personalised texts. Our Fundraising Chairman gave it a shot!

Let's Create more Mental Illness Research in Children and Young Lives

2018-10-10 18:55:48 +0100

Thank you to everyone who has signed today on World Mental Health Day. Alex

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