Waive the unfair parking fines on hospital staff

Waive the unfair parking fines on hospital staff

Waive fines for University Hospital of Wales staff who are being fined huge amounts of money for being forced to park in the public hospital car park because there are not enough staff spaces provided for them.

Indigo should also provide better parking facilities for staff.

Why is this important?

Indigo operate a poorly run car park for the demand it gets, and feel it is appropriate to fine staff because they have to park in the "wrong" space. Help NHS staff do their jobs without worrying about paying thousands of pounds in parking fines and cancel any outstanding debt.

We should value our NHS workers, not make them re-mortgage their house to pay fines for something they had no choice over. Why should they save someone's life then find they got a parking ticket?

How it will be delivered

If we take this petition straight to Indigo, we will show them that we want to stand up for our NHS workers, not let them be taken advantage of.


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Reasons for signing

  • Nobody should have to pay to park their vehicle at their place of work
  • Nurses etc are not well paid, it is disgraceful they have to pay to park in their workplaces! It is disgraceful!
  • Obviously the Trust have not provided enough staff spaces for the number of staff on duty at any given time - shouldn't be difficult to calculate.


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