To: Mayor of London, Greater London Authority, London Councils, London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority

Install fire sprinklers in all high rise buildings in London

Install fire sprinklers in all high rise buildings in London

Install fire sprinklers in all high rise buildings in London that don't have them by the end of year

Why is this important?

We recognise that an effective response to the horrific events at Grenfell Tower is not forthcoming from the Central Government or the Local Council, and that therefore the responsibility for safety of Londoners, the old, the poor, the young and everyone else falls to the relevant authorities with the largest democratic mandate from us.

We therefore call on the Greater London Authority, and it's head the Mayor of London as well as London Councils to fit out all high rise blocks in Greater London that do not have fire sprinkler systems installed with fire sprinklers as soon as practically possible by the end of this year and if necessary using public funds.

We also ask that the London Assembly to hold the relevant authorities to account on this matter, to make sure that all Londoners feel safe enough to sleep in their homes by the end of the year.


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Reasons for signing

  • We, too, deserve to live with protection and human dignity
  • Because nobody should ever have to die because of government and council negligence. Black and brown bodies deserve to live too.
  • Sadiq Khan was elected in response to a major housing crisis. He runs under a party manifesto which commits to a massive house-building programme. It's his responsibility to show leadership on this right now.


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