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To: Government of Pakistan and UK Government.

Justice for Shahzad and Shama

We call on the Government of Pakistan to;

Ensure the impunity for hate attacks against minorities stops by guaranteeing that perpetrators are convicted. In previous similar incidents the attackers have been set free after a short period in remand.

Abrogate the biased blasphemy laws of Pakistan that have been used as a tool for discrimination against minorities and to settle personal vendettas or to steal another's possessions.

Shut down any mosque that ever incites hate attacks through preaching murder over a loudspeaker.

Implement laws that immediately free bonded labourers and act upon the laws immediately, to end modern day slavery in Pakistan

We call on Western nations/bodies providing aid to Pakistan to terminate subsidies, until the nation improves its extremely poor human rights record.

Why is this important?

Justice for Shahzad and Shama

On 4th November 2014, a Christian couple Shahzad Masih (26 yrs) and Shama Bibi (24 yrs) were beaten, tortured and burned alive in the fiery furnace of a brick kiln -while those baying for their blood screamed praises to Allah.

The incident occurred after Muslim accusers led by Muslim landowner Yousaf Gujjar alleged Shama had burnt the Koran. He then sent men to three mosques in neighbouring towns, while he tried to coerce money out of the couple who he had locked in a room on his land.

Eventually in response to local Mosques preaching hatred over their loud speakers, a mob of over 300 Muslims gathered outside the locked room. They climbed the roof of the building and entered through the straw roof. They then beat the couple with sharp and hard implements, stripped them naked while they goaded them and finally burnt then alive in the kiln - when they could no longer stand due to their fractured bones. Until Pakistan reforms their ways more Christians and other minorities will meet a similar fate. This is not acceptable in the 21st Century or any other century.

Petition by Wilson Chowdhry of the British Pakistani Christian Association

Read more here:

The BPCA have initiated a benevolent fund for the family of Shahzad and Shama, if you would like to contribute, please follow this link:

If you are in the UK please join our protest outside 10 Downing Street, from 11am on Saturday 22nd November 2014.


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