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To: Leader of Coventry Council George Duggins

Keep our Green Belt GREEN Coventry & Warwickshire

Build on brownfield first. Promise to protect our Green Belt. Put 'Brownfield First' into the Local Plan now.

Why is this important?

Coventry does not need to build on Green Belt and Warwick DC does not need to build homes for Coventry - Coventry must correct the population data, as the cabinet member for finance, John Mutton, admitted on BBC CWR. On 26 Nov 17, he wrote to local people,

"We are well aware of the STUPID NUMBERS that the Office of National Statistics instructed us to use in relation to the number of houses required"

The Coventry Local Plan, on which Councilors will vote on 5 Dec 17, will determine where houses go for the next 14 years. Coventry Council has used absurdly high numbers which no one, including experts, believes in. The Council predict that the city will grow twice as fast as any other town in the region - 2x Birmingham, 3x Warwick, and 4x Stratford. Is that possible when jobs growth in Coventry has been mediocre?

We can have the homes our children really need and keep our countryside. Building on Green Belt at Keresley, Eastern Green, and Kings Hill will destroy the beautiful Forest of Arden landscape which inspired Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

Putting a 'Brownfield First' policy into the local plan, will stop unneeded building on Green Belt, unless it is absolutely necessary.
Coventry and Warwickshire

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