To: Cornwall Council

Lizard Loves the Little Big Gig

Lizard Loves the Little Big Gig

Reinstate the license for Henry’s Campsite to hold live music events. Allow them to continue their service to our rural community in organising live music and events including the Little Big Gig.

Why is this important?

The Little Big Gig - among the other events staged by Henry’s Campsite - boosts tourism for the village. Far from being detrimental, they are a draw card for other local businesses. The Little Big Gig itself is held in late September, out of high season and provides a welcome influx of visitors before a long winter. This is an extremely rural community and events such as these are key in keeping us close knit. The village socialises together, bonds are formed and the village thrives.

How it will be delivered

By hand to Cornwall Council

Henry's Camp Site, Helston

Reasons for signing

  • This is our first visit to Henry’s campsite and the lizard. This site and area is a great tourist attraction which is crucial in supporting local businesses that have been here for years. We have spent well over £600 in the area which wouldn’t have happened without the campsite and what it offers being here. If people don’t like the campsite or music festival that happens just once a year why did they choose to live here in the first place!
  • Difficult to think of a reasonable reason for not supporting an event that extends the season for a community that relies on visitors.
  • There is little or nothing in the way of entertainment in this area so let the music be heard.


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