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Make Bristol safer for cycling

Make Bristol safer  for cycling

We call upon Bristol council and mayoral candidates to commit to the creation of a comprehensive network of safe, connected cycle routes. Congestion and air pollution are at serious levels in Bristol, prematurely killing 200 people a year and making it hard to get around. Providing safer cycling routes will reduce congestion and pollution, making Bristol healthier, easier and more enjoyable to get around.

Why is this important?

Bristol is now the second most congested city in the UK and pollution kills nearly 200 people a year. Yet in the last 3 years just 1 km of truly protected cycleway has been built. Bike Life survey shows that in Bristol – 80% of people support increasing the safety of cycling
70% of people want to see more spent on safer cycling infrastructure
The next Council needs to make a comprehensive network of safe, connected cycle routes.a priority.

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • I cycle in and out of Bristol several days a week and it is a stressful and often scary ride. If this is a 'cycling city' what on earth are the others like?!
  • Bristol is horribly congested. Bristol is dangerous and puts many


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