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To: Be Free Young Carers Oxfordshire

Make some noise. Save Be Free Young Carers

Make some noise. Save Be Free Young Carers

Allow the Charity to Stay open and keep providing the valuable service for the hundreds of Young Carers in Oxfordshire

They need £150k a year to keep running.

Lets hope this can be achieved

Why is this important?

Be Free Young Carers has for many years offered a desperately needed service for the hundreds of Young Carers in our community.

A study in 2017 estimated there were over 700,000 young carers across the UK, providing 1 to 1 care for sick family members, mostly unpaid and unsupported.

Be Free Young Carers has offered a support and guidance service for the hundreds of carers in Didcot and South Oxfordshire for many years, offering mentoring, much needed respite, learning support and guidance.

There are currently over 500 young carers this charity supports in our county alone !

My own daughter Courtney Hughes BCAv was a registered young carer for me after I had a stroke. Be Free Young Carers offered her a shoulder to cry on, guidance and support whilst undertaking her exams and many day trips out, to allow her to have some time for her.

Sadly due to the increase in young carers and a decline in funding with great sadness they have announced they simply cannot continue to run, due to huge drop in donations.

The charity relies on donations alone and is not funded by the Government or local authorities.


Please write to your MP, Councillors, local parties anyone with any stature to keep the charity going...

Thank you


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Reasons for signing

  • This is an issue across the UK, young carers desperately need support from charities like this.
  • Be Free Young Carers is such an important charity that offers much needed support and respite for these amazing young people.
  • Kids are entitled to support when they are carers like adults get support, nurture kids mental health not destroy it. Kids have voices that needs to be heard too


2018-06-08 16:33:11 +0100

Wow!! Amazing effort. The story has now been picked up by the media... Please keep sharing x

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