To: Mhairi Black

Mhairi Black: Stay in Parliament!

Mhairi Black: Stay in Parliament!

Don't quit as an MP after a single term - stay and fight for a better parliament!

Why is this important?

Parliament is rubbish - we all know that. And being a good MP is probably even more rubbish. But we need the good MPs to stay in Parliament, and make it less rubbish. And Mhairi Black of the SNP is one of them.

I'm English, and don't want Scotland to leave the UK. I wouldn't vote the SNP. But I know a good opposition MP when I see one - who calls out the hypocrisy of the government, speaks up for those stepped on by the cuts and makes sure the Brexit deal we get from the EU is a good one.

Parliament is full of boring old men, weird traditions, strange rituals and some seriously odd cosplay. One of the chambers isn't even elected, and the building itself is falling apart.

That's why we need decent MPs like Mhairi Black to stay in office and strive to make it better - more representative, responsive and honest. Mhairi: Please don't leave!

United Kingdom

Reasons for signing

  • To retain at least one voice in parliament that holds the well being of the lower class at least somewhat in importance.