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To: HS2 Ltd

Mitigate H2S impact on Toton, Nottinghamshire

Petition to HS2 Ltd

1. Commit to not using Stapleford Lane (B6003) and Banks Road in Toton, Nottinghamshire as ‘access roads’ for construction work vehicles.

2. Remove Toton Nature Reserve from the ‘construction required area’.

3. Remove Greenwood Community Centre from the ‘construction required area’.

Why is this important?

HS2 is coming and whatever your views are on the actual project, it's clear that all of us want to mitigate the impact it will have on Toton during its construction. Our campaign doesn't seek to undermine or promote HS2. We simply want HS2 to listen to residents, councillors and community groups that are asking them to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.
Toton, Nottingham

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