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To: David Harrison

Mobility Aids Center Totton, Hampshire must remain insitu.

A few days ago counsellor David Harrison from Hampshire contacted me and alerted me to the favorable decisions made by the Red Cross to continue servicing the areas as it has done for the past 60 or so years.
Because of our determination, belief in the service  and the necessity of the service I'm pleased to inform you that the service will remain open.

- Approach Geoff Chesire of Liverpool Red Cross
- Demand a Community Impact Statement which investigates the primary needs of her disabled
citizens of Totton, Southampton and nearby areas.
- Prevention of the closure of the Mobility Center in Totton.
- Provide reasonable adjustments which are of similar virtue and in the same jurisdiction as that of
Totton Mobility Aids Center.
- Re-assess the impact that in the advent of closure how this will affect all 11 Hampshire mobility aid center sites

Why is this important?

The sudden announcement that Totton, Hampshire Mobility Aids Center should close on the 12th October 2018 demonstrates a complete disregard for every local resident.

The idea of a Mobility Aids Center is to assist those people most in need. I know personally how difficult it is to obtain such resources.

Already there are severe limitations to Patient Transport, Community Transport.

Being forced to travel to "selected destinations" will instantly be out of reach for local residents affected by the "change. Due to mobility restrictions of residents Fording-bridge and Lymington is impossible and definitely impracticable for the overwhelming majority.

Visiting the Mobillity Aid Location in Totton has been my last resort and have been using the service for the past 15 months.

Hampshire County Council have a duty of care for her residents.
To allow closure is not the answer or a reasonable adjustment.

What is certain Geoff Chesire "refuses to acknowledge people in crisis" This can not be ignored. Thank you everyone for your support.

How it will be delivered

I am currently in consultation with Mr Harrison. Please keep a close eye on further developments. It is fast moving. Thank you.


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Petition is successful with 429 signatures

2018-09-27 21:42:55 +0100

Liberal Democrat Hampshire County Council Councillor David Harrison shares quiet optimistic reference to .
- Senior Councillors at Hampshire County Council
- Director for Health and Adult Services.
- The Red Cross
- Hampshire County Council
- NHS Property Services
- Clinical Commissioners

My optimism that something might be sorted out that prevents closure of the Red Cross Mobility Centre, in Totton, as well as others facing the axe has risen a notch or two.
I have been in touch with Senior Councillors at Hampshire County Council, as well as the Director for Health and Adult Services. They all seem to agree that the planned closures would be a mistake.

Most encouragingly, my concerns are now being addressed with talks happening involving The Red Cross, Hampshire County Council, NHS Property Services and Clinical Commissioners. I am keeping my fingers crossed that a deal will be agreed to stop some or all of the closures.

2018-09-23 22:22:02 +0100

Please Read this: Important England Under Threat Mobility Center Closures wide spread.

2018-09-23 21:19:40 +0100

Just found we are in the Daily Echo

2018-09-23 19:34:34 +0100

Just found we are in the Hampshire Chronicle

2018-09-23 19:28:49 +0100

Just found we are in the Andover Advertiser

2018-09-21 20:16:31 +0100

Congratulations! "We are Making Headlines"
21st September 2018
Ref: Councillor David Harrison Initial Investigation.


The Daily Echo featured an article on the front page of the New Forest Post re: Mobility Center Closures

Mr Harrison quotes" It looks like the main threat causing the closure is a decision by the NHS to start charging a rent. Millbrook, Redbridge, Shirley, Totton and every resident local to the mobility centers will be forced to travel all the way to Lymington and Fording-bridge to collect and return borrowed equipment.
Hampshire County Council Director of Adult Services contacted in attempt of postponement of closure

Collectively We Ask.

"Will the NHS and Red Cross come to the table for discussion"?

2018-09-21 19:35:38 +0100

Tomorrow I am out collecting written signatures for the petition. We are currently running at 274.
The most upsetting thing about the whole situation.
Not one person in any of the areas facing a withdrawal of services was informed.
It was done on the Hush.
We cant afford to wait for an invasion or an air raid to arrive at our doorsteps.
We only have these services because of the urgent need of our communities.
++Our needs are still urgent today++

2018-09-20 17:07:02 +0100

Mr Harrison (Counselor for Hampshire County Council) just recently informed me that "A Journalist from the Daily Echo" Has now requested situational facts of the attack #Handsoffourservices

2018-09-20 00:49:38 +0100

178/200 @ 00:00 20/09/2018 :)) Well Well done everybody good night

2018-09-19 21:01:34 +0100

They responded. Complete garbage.
Firstly - The Mobility center is and has always been run by unpaid volunteers.
Secondly - The response in the Hampshire Chronicle explains rising rents is to blame!!
Do Charities really pay property rental? Hampshire County Council?
We currently lend mobility aids from 20 locations in Hampshire; some are only three miles apart. This is a very inefficient and expensive way to operate. Sadly, we cannot justify this expense to either our donors, our service users in other parts of the country or other local people who need our help. We are always looking at ways to improve our service and make best use of our resources.
Closing the service at Totton will allow us to continue providing vital mobility aids from nine Red Cross buildings across the county. Proposed Options Eastleigh Fording-bridge and Lymington

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100 signatures reached

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