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To: First Group Portsmouth

No. 17 bus service

No. 17 bus service

Reverse their decision to cut the no. 17 / 18 bus service in Portsmouth.

Why is this important?

The no. 17 bus is more than just a bus from A to B. It is a lifeline for many elderly people who live in the area, they use this bus service for companionship. When this bus is withdrawn many of these people will be left housebound; not able to walk to the local shops and not able to afford a taxi.
St Marys hospital is expanding with more appointments being held there, with the new service cutting out a large portion of the route many people will be unable to get to the hospital, again too far for people to walk and taxis being far too expensive for OAPs to afford.
It is not only the elderly this will affect, it will also affect the kids getting to school, students attending Portsmouth College, people getting to work.
First Hroup are axing this service as too many old people enjoy this service.


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Reasons for signing

  • I'm now completely cut off! Its a struggle to get shopping home&cant get everything I need due to not being able to carry it. It's worse when it rains. A return taxi is £7&a bus return only under £3. For someone with disabilities this is a fundamental bus route for young or old in the area. Why they even considered taking this fundamental bus service off let alone terminating it altogether!!
  • Think they should keep the bus so that people can get to places and it be a lot cheaper than getting taxis
  • Mum of 2 young children with doctors on copnor road but live in stamshaw.


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