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To: Mohammed JJ Khan

No more leaks! - Recognise ACORN tenants' union at Emperor Court

No more leaks! - Recognise ACORN tenants' union at Emperor Court

* We want to be shown the reports of all inspections of the building that have taken place, and take place in future
* We want immediate work to begin on the leaks in the block to ensure our flats are permanently dry and our stairs are safe
* We want a doorbell and intercom - for the security we should all be able to expect. JJ’s entry has a doorbell!

Why is this important?

Open letter to the people of Birmingham

Mohammed JJ Khan is well-known to all in the Stirchley community as the proud owner of the distinctive £7,500 statue of a begging gorilla that sits above JJ’s Flooring Services.

We, the families of Emperor Court, also live above JJ’s Flooring Services.

We want the people of Birmingham to know that as the owner of the building that we live in, JJ is the one with his hand out, happy to collect rent money, and turning his back on us by refusing to discuss urgent health and safety issues.

The building has let in the rain for years, and as a result our flats are damp and mouldy. Like Scrooge, unwilling to spend, JJ has resisted all efforts so far to get him to properly fix this problem. Some of our neighbours have had to move out as their children have been made ill.
Unable to bear these shameful conditions any longer, we have joined the renters’ union ACORN, who now represent all families in Emperor Court.

JJ has brought in a block management company to look after the building, Bright Willis. Both he and the block management company refuse to speak with ACORN, saying they will only talk to our individual landlords.

Our asks are absolutely reasonable. As the people having to live in these wet conditions, speaking with one voice, we demand that JJ and Bright Willis recognise our union ACORN and meet with us regularly to ensure that our homes are maintained according to his legal obligation as freeholder.

If you agree with us, then please sign our online letter of support, or why not tell JJ directly what you think?

Thank you!

Pershore Road, Birmingham B30 2PH

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Reasons for signing

  • Everyone deserves proper housing


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