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To: Online Supermarkets

Online Supermarkets to have Food Bank Function

Online Supermarkets to have Food Bank Function

My idea is with regards to reducing food waste and increasing donations to food banks. This will be done through creating an additional shopping list where you are able to donate your BOGOF deal (or anything you like) to a food bank rather than receiving additional items yourself.

Why is this important?

Personally, I often forget to donate to food banks until I see the crate at the exit of the supermarket, and by then I'm all packed up and ready to go home. Of course, I could be more aware, and work on making it become a habit, but at the moment, I'm not very tuned in, although I'd love to be!

Anyway, when I do my online grocery shop, which I am now trying to do on a more regular basis, I thought there was a significant change that could be made which would allow me to donate to food banks whilst doing the shop.

For example, when I get my two tins of tuna for a discounted price, I could add one of those tins of tuna into a separate 'food bank' list. Rather than delivering these items to me, they could go straight into a food bank deposit system.

Obviously it would need to be a simple user interface that doesn't get mixed up and confuse people and suddenly you receive the items you were trying to donate and the food bank receives the full order... So it could be quite difficult to do (I've got no idea, I don't work in systems!).

Anyway, this is just an idea that I believe could work really well and could result in some valuable relationships between supermarkets and those in need.

Reasons for signing

  • They should all ready do this all the supermarkets online uk should do all ready by now


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