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To: Government

Outlaw all non recyclable plastics

Outlaw all non recyclable plastics

Make a bold decision to outlaw the use and production of non recyclable plastics within the next two years

Why is this important?

By 2050 plastic pollution in our oceans is set to outnumber fish !, we are killing the planet and it’s resources of which we rely , it’s sheer madness this is still going on when we now know so much about our environment and our effect on it, we need to act now, not faze these problems out over decades, it will be too late, we have the technology to replace plastic with biodegradable alternatives but businesses benefitting from plastic production don’t want this to happen as It effects their profits which they see as more important than the damage being dealt to the planet , a planet you and I need to survive, we are poisoning nature beyond the point of no return, leaving our grandchildren a broken, unrecognisable world all in the name of greed.. please, it has to stop NOW not later, let us as a country set the president, be the game changers in environmental protection.


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