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To: Senior staff of Clifton College

Petition For 6th Form Girls to be Permitted to Wear Trousers

This is a petition for 6th form girls in Clifton College to have the option to wear suit trousers in school.

Why is this important?

This is important to us as we feel strongly that the benefits of wearing trousers hugely outweigh the negatives. Some of which are;

The policy of wearing only skirts encourages the objectification of young girls, and therefore has led to many girls becoming extremely self conscious of themselves, when they should be focused on their learning.

It is understood that we can be penalised for having our skirts too short, this would easily be avoided if we had the option to wear trousers as the boys do.

We live in the 21st Century where there are millions of women in the work place who have highly demanding and professional jobs, most of which wear suits, with trousers therefore it cannot be argued that trousers on girls does not look professional.

Gender fluidity is a common thing in today society, we should allow everyone their rights to express themselves how they feel they want to, under the school rules of course. However not allowing females to wear trousers when that is how they want to present themselves in plainly immoral and depressive.

Clifton College, College Road, Clifton, Bristol

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