To: Theresa May

Please reform and relax DLA rules for Diabetic Children

Please reform and relax DLA rules for Diabetic Children

Cut red tape, relax and remove all of the intentional obstacles by reforming the process for claiming DLA for Type 1 diabetes Mellitus insulin dependent children

Why is this important?

Type1 diabetes Mellitus insulin dependent is for life and will never go away so why does the Government still insist on making it as difficult and upsetting as possible to make a claim for something our Diabetic children are entitled too.

Reasons for signing

  • Theresa May DO THE RIGHT THING !!! by these Diabetic children.
  • Type 1 diabetes never ends...not for our children, not for our families. We will always need support, financially and emotionally. our children need Dla to help them to live as normal a life as is possible with a chronic illness We should nit have to fight for financial help when we are fighting a battle 24/7 to keep our children alive.
  • As my little friend has type 1 diabetes and he deserves every bit of help he can get and so does his mum and family xx


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