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To: West Berkshire Council

Protect our library in Hungerford!

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Andrea Mulholland
Protect our library in Hungerford!

Please don't reduce the opening hours or facilities at our library in Hungerford.

Why is this important?

Our library is more than just a place to get books - it provides a real focus for the community with shared interest groups, computer access, skills sharing across all ages - the list is endless and growing all the time. Most importantly it is a place for people to meet and be with others.

How it will be delivered


West Berkshire

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Reasons for signing

  • Such an amazing resource, used and shared by all ages, I couldn't imagine Hungerford without my favourite place there!
  • The library is a focal place to meet, share, learn, read, educate. It's so important for the elderly: a safe, friendly place to mix and spend quality valuable time. It's what real quality community is all about.
  • Because the library is a huge assett to Hungerford


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