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To: Shropshire Council

Refuse Permission for Intensive Poultry development on Greenfield Land in North Shropshire

Refuse permission for development of an intensive industrial sized poultry/ egg laying unit on uninterrupted green field land (NCA) and river catchment area, situated between Betton and Norton-In-Hales in North Shropshire.

Why is this important?

The proposed development site is not an existing farm, does not include any existing farm or other buildings/ infrastructure and is located on an uninterrupted English greenfield site which makes up part of the national character profile of Shropshire and the United Kingdom.

The area is celebrated and enjoyed for its history, beauty, diversity and tranquility. This green corridor, with its multiple heritage assets, listed buildings, ancient woodland, rivers, scheduled ancient monuments, ancient hedgerows, historic villages, battlefield site, foot paths, bridleways and nearby vibrant market town & Shropshire Union Canal, makes up a significant part of Shropshire’s natural and historic environment.

Pristine uninterrupted greenfield land should be celebrated, cherished and preserved for many reasons, not least for the future generations to enjoy.

Help us protect one of our country's greatest assets by objecting today!

The proposed development site poses nine threats to the community, they are:

TRAFFIC DANGER- traffic has already reached danger level on our narrow approach roads. The Betton approach is also a school/nursery run and the increased traffic, including HGV and other heavy vehicles, will prove the tipping point in unacceptable risks.

STENCH/FLIES - from 2 tonnes/day of excrement, which will carry in the prevailing wind (SW) along Main Road.

ENTRAPMENT - For those unfortunate families close to the site, there is no escape. If you are driven to move, who will buy your house?

RIVER POLLUTION - Contamination of the river located very close to the site due to surface water run off pollutants.

HERITAGE - The proposed development is close/in line of sight to many Listed Properties, ancient woodland and heritage assets, plus, very close to a beautiful bridleway and footpaths.

DEVASTATION - Betton is the attractive gateway to Norton, Best Kept Village and Champion of Champions, Britain in Bloom. The spoiling of this beautiful greenfield site will make a mockery of all the outstanding village work over many years.

MISSION CREEP - This application is the advance guard for a much bigger plan. One unit of 32,000 birds is scarcely viable. Don’t be deceived by this Trojan Horse – 65% of all egg-laying applications in Shropshire are for expansion of facilities.

CONSTRUCTION - Concrete access road, turning circle, barn, feed silo. earth moving, light pollution etc

EMPLOYMENT BENEFITS - There are none. Poultry facilities are not labour intensive - they are hen intensive. (32000 hens =1 ½ people).

Reasons why this planning proposal should be refused:

- Negative visual impact
- Air and river ammonia pollution
- Odour, flies and noise
-Danger from HGVs vehicles/tractors on the roads
-Not a diversification for an existing farm
-Not being located next to existing farm buildings

Please object by 3rd December 2018.

You can also write a full objection to Shropshire Council via their website on their online portal quoting: 18/04555/FUL

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Betton, Market Drayton

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