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To: Govia

Remove The Anti-Poor Notice At Brighton Station

Remove The Anti-Poor Notice At Brighton Station

We demand that Govia, the company that runs the train station, remove the sign they installed at the Brighton train station advising commuters not to give money to beggars.

Why is this important?

Many of you would have seen the story in today's Argus about the notice at Brighton Station asking commuters not to help beggars. Here's the Argus article:…/16412688.commuters-are-asked-n…/

I must confess I never saw that sign, mainly because I seldom use the trains. I mostly cycle.

But reading about it in the Argus this morning got my blood boiling. It deeply offended me that in austerity-ravaged Britain, where more and more families are forced to resort to food-banks, and where people are increasingly going into debt just to provide their kids with the basics, that anybody or company could be so heartless as to advice against Brightonians helping each other.

I've lived here for one year, and I have never lived in a more welcoming, generous and kind city. The people here look out for each other and are happy to help people worse off than themselves.

This notice is a blot on our city. It reflects badly on us. When people visiting us from all over Britain and the world arrive at the station, that is one of the first things they see. IT MUST BE REMOVED by GOVIA, the company that runs the station.

I am trying to put together an effort to force them to remove it and replace it with a notice that reflects our city for the kind and generous city it is. PLEASE sign this petition.


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