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To: Barnet Council

Safe pedestrian crossing needed at Granville Road and Summer's Lane junction

Safe pedestrian crossing needed at Granville Road and Summer's Lane junction

Put in place a pedestrian crossing that enables people to cross from Granville Road to Summer's Lane across the busy and fast High Road safely. Also to put in place a crossing across Summer's Lane and across Granville Road near to the junction.

Why is this important?

Currently there is no pedestrian crossing at this fast and busy junction and people are putting themselves in danger by dashing across the road. Many of these pedestrians are school pupils of The Compton School and Wren Academy and users of Finchley Memorial Hospital as well as many mothers with young children. The lack of crossing also means people are standing in a highly polluted area for long periods of time. Barnet Council and TFL are prioritising 'traffic flow' over the safety of people.

North Finchley, London

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Reasons for signing

  • My goes to the school close by
  • I cross Granville Road at least four times a day close to the hospital. Cars speed, with no thought to people -including many children-trying to cross. Each time I cross with my children I'm afraid they are going to be knocked over. Crossing at the lights is even worse as there is no pause in traffic flow to get across the road. It's one of the worst traffic systems I've seen, along with the leisure complex turning, where a set of traffic lights is badly needed.
  • I live in Granville and often cross at that junction


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