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To: Croydon Council / Tramlink

Sandilands tram stop memorial garden

Sandilands tram stop memorial garden

I propose a permanent and fitting memorial as a tribute to those who lost their lives and were injured and affected in the recent Sandilands tram accident.
I'm aware of a piece of land to the left of the recently built disabled access ramp which serves Sandilands tram station. I think it could and should be used to great effect to honour the lives lost and forever changed by the tragic events of the 9th of November 2016.

I propose a plinth on a stand within a low maintenance garden of rememberance, possibly with evergreen shrubbery where Family, friends, loved ones and the general community can come and reflect and pay their respects.

I think with the cooperation of Croydon council, Tramlink and TFL and and the local community this is a feasible project. Public donations to fund the project may prove more popular than getting other parties involved but if it were not a problem their input would be greatly appreciated and embraced.

These are my initial thoughts and l would be happy to discuss ideas to move this project forward.
In memory of the the lives lost and affected at Sandilands xxx

Why is this important?

Many many lives within the local community have been touched and sadly affected by the incident at Sandilands.
It is only right that a permanent memorial is created nearby where Family, friends and further members of the public can come and pay thier respect. It would be the right to do this given the huge sentiment and sorrow within the local community.

Sandilands, Croydon

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