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To: Ms Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

Support Dorset & Hampshire's Offshore Wind Farm

Support Dorset & Hampshire's Offshore Wind Farm

Dear Ms Rudd,

For the sake of future generations who will not have the benefit of millions of years of fossil fuels, or the capacity to manage the consequences of using those that remain, please do all you can to approve and progress the Navitus Bay Wind Park development.

Why is this important?

As you are probably aware; Navitus Bay Wind Park (1) will be located off the Dorset and Hampshire Coasts, to the west of the Isle of Wight, and also visible from Bournemouth, Poole and Swanage.

I understand this development could produce the equivalent energy to power 800,000 homes and reduce carbon emissions by up to 1,125,000 tonnes per annum. This will be a tremendous contribution to our country's energy needs and carbon reductions. It will also help towards our renewable energy target of 15% which in the past few years has been behind plan and behind the progress rates of many other EU nations (2).

I am very concerned however that a small group of local activists are using information that has little to no scientific backing to discredit this development and are creating fears about the impact on tourism and jobs in the area. I would urge you to balance any of their views against the report produced by The University of Edinburgh, presented to a Committee of the Scottish Parliament (3) in which there is clear consensus that there has been no measurable economic impact, either positively or negatively, of wind farms on tourism and concludes that “while some strongly held localised and anecdotal opinion exists, the Committee has seen no empirical evidence which demonstrates that the tourism industry in Scotland will be adversely affected by the deployment of renewable energy projects, particularly onshore and offshore wind”

I appreciate the turbines will be visible from the coast on a clear day but believe this to be a small and perfectly acceptable compromise for the benefits delivered. Furthermore, I personally confirm that this development will not any way restrict the frequency or manner in which I enjoy the beach and coastal areas in the effected locations.


Reasons for signing

  • It is vital this country finds sources of sustainable energy. As a forward thinking resort Bournemouth should be proud to have turbines off it's coast, leading the way and showing that change is not something to be feared. As for a negative effect on the tourism, what nonsense - will people really stay away because this may be visible on the horizon on a clear day!? On the contrary I would suggest that it might add interest, and kudos as a resort where the future is as important as the past.
  • I live on the Dorset coast which is beautiful and spectacular. As well as producing energy, has anyone considered the benefits to the marine life and eco system? They should be seen as a feature, rather than an eyesore. Perhaps giving them different designs could make them more of a land mark? Just a thought!
  • Green energy is the way to go, let's create a legacy for future generations!


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2015-06-17 20:05:36 +0100

Given the renewed attempts by the local Tories at Council and Parliamentary level to get this development stopped this petition has suddenly come alive again! The Secretary of State has changed (and I'm trying to amend that) but the message is more important than ever. Please share this and encourage all your friends to sign. Even if you or they aren't local this is important as the supposed threat to tourism is one of the Tories main arguments against this great idea. Thank you for your support.