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To: Exeter City Council

Save Clifton Hill Sports Centre

Ensure that Clifton Hill Sports Centre, a vital community hub for the South West's most 'active' city, reopens fully and is run well with minimum delay.

Why is this important?

I have always regarded Clifton Hill sports centre as an asset to the city and understand its importance within the community. The facility has attained excellent user numbers over the years and its closure would not be in the best interests of the city

The centre closed in March due to a roof leak and a burst pipe, but the council won't commit to a reopening.

Help the city get its much loved Clifton Hill sports centre back in service! It has left an irreplaceable void in peoples lives. It was a real community hub used by all ages from toddlers to pensioners and all socio economic groups. Exeter is bidding to be the UK's most 'active city' and so closing the centre is insanity! Come on Exeter City Council tell us it will reopen - it was only some snow through the roof and a few burst pipes!

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Built in 1983, Clifton Hill is an early work of Sir Nicholas Grimshaw - best known for designing the Eden Project, Thermae Bath Spa and Waterloo International railway station.

2018-05-21 09:11:07 +0100

Exactly what damage has happened to cause the leisure centre to permanently close?

Why did Wednesday's announcement come when it did? The update came just days after the city council elections and on the eve of IKEA opening hmmmm.

Is the likely closure of Clifton Hill due to the council's plans to build a new leisure centre?

If Clifton Hill does close then it's not yet clear what will be done with the site.

It's prime land in Exeter city centre that developers are likely to be interested in.

Will the leisure centre be demolished and will the land remain in public possession?

2018-05-21 09:01:43 +0100

some very relevant questions!

2018-05-14 08:49:26 +0100

Figures from the city council show that in 2012/13, 59,188 people used the sports centre.

But in 2015/16 that number had shot up to 119,030

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Sport England
3 Oakwood Drive
LE11 3QF

Tel: 0345 8508 508
Email: [email protected]

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Active Devon - they say 'Have you got a question? We’d love to hear from you, so why not send us a message and we’ll be back in touch

01392 925150

[email protected]

The Loft, Haven Banks OEC,
Haven Road,

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1,000 signatures reached

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2018-05-11 12:49:51 +0100

The city does want to spend circa £150,000 here despite -

2018-05-11 12:48:29 +0100

We are not politcal - we just want our Sports Centre back but -

2018-05-11 12:43:01 +0100

Plans a foot for a march on the Civic Centre - watch this space!

2018-05-11 09:20:26 +0100

I'm meeting the Council on Tuesday I hope - Make sure we are over the 1000+ by then!!

2018-05-10 08:50:12 +0100

Exeter City Council want to close Clifton Hill Sports Centre siting costs of repairs to the roof they neglected and the consequent damage! At worst probably £175,000 to fix whereas they want to spend £30-40m on a new pool & gym without a sports hall! Stupidity or corruption? Site for more student flats no doubt!