To: David Gauke MP

Save Coatbridge DWP office

Save Coatbridge DWP office

Immediately halt the proposed closure of Coatbridge Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) office.

Why is this important?

The proposed closure of the office means relocating 250 staff outwith Coatbridge. The closure of the office will have a crushing affect of Coatbridge Main Street and other small businesses within the area. Over 50% of the staff within the office are on alternative working patterns such as school term time or compressed working days; to suit family life within the area. Staff relocation's are currently planned between September & November. The closure of this office is part of the conservatives centralization plans to remove hundreds of government offices out of small towns and place them within large hubs in cities.

The campaign is headed by Hugh Gaffney MP & PCS (DWP Lanarkshire Branch)


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Reasons for signing

  • Former civil servant, aware of the needs of unemployed clients.
  • to save jobs
  • I used to work for DWP and knew loads of staff in this office. It serves a big community and for too long, front line services like this across all of Scotland have been withdrawn from the communities that really need them.


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