To: Norfolk County Council

Save Fakenham Sure Start

Save Fakenham Sure Start

Keep Fakenham Sure Start children's centre open - it is a very valued service and we would be lost with out it.

Why is this important?

Fakenham Gateway Sure Start children’s centre is an important life line for the local community. It offers support and assistance to families - with out the Sure Start centre we would be lost.

The council is currently considering a £5 million cut to the budget for children services, putting the future of Fakenham Sure Start centre at risk. If the centre closed it would leave local families without vital support.

How it will be delivered

At the end of the petition 28 November 2017, i will print the list and give it to surestart to show how much we need them.


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Reasons for signing

  • A service which is so needed -children are the future
  • Another vital service at risk, another blow to families. Please sign the petition and help to save.
  • Children are the future. Let's ensure it's a good future.


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