To: Local Council

Save Hallglen Sports Centre

Save Hallglen Sports Centre

Please do not close down Hallglen Sports Centre

Why is this important?

Hallglen Sports Centre is the hub and heart of Hallglen Community but also caters for other areas in Falkirk. I have been involved with Hallglen Sports Centre for over 20 years now. The last 18 as the Chairman and the Lead Coach of Azami Falkirk Judo Club and have members of our club represent Scotland numerous times at home and in Europe. The club caters for a wide range of disabled people who have competed at a high level in disability competitions which has improved their lifestyle and confidence generally, but it is not just our Club who use the centre, there are numerous other groups and organisations that use the Centre on a weekly basis (Forth Valley Gymnastics, three different Cheer Leader and Dance Groups, weekly Yoga Sessions, two different Ju-Jitsu Clubs, two different Taekwondo Clubs, Karate Club, Balintawak and the main hall is booked most weekends for birthday parties and various other events. This is a busy centre with some weeks up to 1,000 people entering the centre. Could everyone please get behind this petition. There is nothing else in Hallglen or the surrounding area for community events and some place for children and young adults to go. Please support this petition. Gregor Gardner.

Reasons for signing

  • I and my family are active users of this facility.
  • Needed by the community.
  • I grew up in Hall Glen and have great memories of the sports centre!


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