To: Midlothian Council

Save Mayfield and Newtongrange Community Facilities

Save Mayfield and Newtongrange Community Facilities

Reverse the Council decision to close community facilities in Mayfield and Newtongrange. Our Communities deserve better

Why is this important?

Residents in Newtongrange and Mayfield were promised that community facilities would be retained. We call upon Midlothian Council to honour this commitment.

Midlothian, Scotland

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Reasons for signing

  • Community facilities have positive impacts on mental health
  • Facilities like this are key to helping people keep fit, and in tone. Without places like these, people would gradually become obese.
  • What an absolute shambles this is. There are ways to run Midlothian Council effectively but Milligan & his pals aren't interested, too busy saying #SNPbad to care about their communities...


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