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To: Department For Education and Regional Schools Commisioner

Save Plymouth Studio School

Save Plymouth Studio School

Review their decision to close Plymouth Studio School taking into consideration the unique provision the school makes to Athletes and the inclusivity of children of all academic abilities and SEN.
We believe the school is making improvements across the board and should be given more time to prove it's viability and value as a school.

Why is this important?

The importance of this school to it's pupils and their parents is clear from their personal testimonies - This is a unique setting for our medal winning sportswomen and men of the future and present, many of the children at PSS will struggle to find schools with the same provisions, not only in sport, but the SEN support that's available. Dispite a recent disappointing OFSTED report (that we feel does not reflect the diverse work being done at Plymouth Studio School), children are thriving here.

Plymouth, Devon

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Reasons for signing

  • I think there is an overlap of studio schools with established schools which needs to be publicised much better. I am extremely disappointed that support should be withdrawn from children and families who have endeavoured to be trailblazers. The promises made to them should be fulfilled including the particular specialist environment and social structure they have committed themselves to. No excuses.
  • I want to see Arthur in the olympics! Such an inconsiderate decision to close the school
  • Friend of Georgie and know this is important for her and her son.


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