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Save Reading Central Club!

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John Roy
Save Reading Central Club!

Ensure Reading Central Club is not demolished and that the mural of Black history is maintained properly

Why is this important?

Reading Borough Council are threatening to knock down the Central Mural and sell the building to commercial developers. The Mural is an important both as a piece of Art and as a memorial to the lives of people significant in African, Afro-American, Caribbean and black British History. It reminds us (accurately) that some pharaohs were black. (If it is ever extended in size it could now usefully add a major Russian Novelist and an American President!).

It would be a huge loss to us if we lose it and an insult to the many Reading Residents from Barbados, Jamaica, East and West Africa and elsewhere. Personally I am scots of Irish and English descent and I love that mural

How it will be delivered

4.30pm meet at Mural
5.30pm March to Civic Offices via Duke Street, Broad Street and St Mary Butts
6.00 pm Civic Centre Bridge Street Assembly
6.30 pm Present Petition to RBC Councillors


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Reasons for signing

  • local landmark
  • education above money
  • The mural is an important landmark. A lot of old Reading has been destroyed - don't let this go the same way.


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