To: Essex county council

Save the no 1 and no3 rural bus route service

Please save our 2 hourly rural bus services the only public transport our villages have access to!

Why is this important?

The no1 and no3 bus service is due to be discontinued leaving rural villages with elderly residents, working people and students without transport to Chelmsford town centre, Southend town centre and Rayleigh station.
This isolates service users and stops transport to doctors surgeries, colleges, universities, train stations and hospitals.


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Reasons for signing

  • It's a much needed service
  • I stayed in Rettendon for a while, this route is the ONLY way in or out of Rettendon. It is a bus journey to any shop or doctors and (can’t do online shopping it’s out of districts) many can’t afford 20 taxi fares to get an important prescription or medical attention (like my mother in law) many are going to suffer in so many ways
  • Sign for present public transport users and those who will be without in the future


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