To: Conwy County Council Planning Department

Save the Old Bodlondeb School Youth Centre from Demolition

Save the Old Bodlondeb School Youth Centre from Demolition

Stop the plans to demolish the historic Bodlondeb School and Youth Centre

Why is this important?

The Council are planning to demolishing this Historic community building. [1]
Right now, the building is being used by various youth groups including Scouts and providing a vibrant local community hub. This historic building has been a school, a community centre, and seen generations of children use it and learn in it.

CADW, the Welsh government body that conserve the heritage of Wales, are considering making the 122-year old Bodlondeb school a listed building. Over the years, numerous architects have been cautious to preserve the building as much as possible. An archeological report warns: “The impact of development would result in the loss of a heritage asset of at least local significance.” [2] We believe it would be a shame if the Council were to just demolish it.

We, the undersigned, want to see future generations be given the same opportunities to use Bodlondeb school for community activities for all ages, from spinning classes to knitting.

[1] £2.5m Conwy cultural centre could be 'huge draw' for tourists: Daily Post:
[2] Archaeological survey by Wardell Armstrong:


Reasons for signing

  • keep and save the civic hall spend the money there.
  • I have used this building for forty years. It should be incorporated into any improvements.
  • This is our heritage and is a lovely , much needed building of character. This distruction is happening all over the uk. and is senseless !!!!.


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