To: Trustees of Leigh House Radstock & Sirona Care

Save The Potting Shed Project@Radstock

We ask that the Trustees of Leigh House overturn their decision to charge the Potting Shed Project an annual rent and water charges.

We ask Sirona Care to ensure that there is a Support Worker to manage the project.

Why is this important?

The Potting Shed@Radstock is an important resource for local people who suffer with mental health and isolation issues. Closing the project will result in the loss of a valuable wellbeing project and a possible route into employment for people living in Radstock and the surrounding areas. Many people have benefited from the project. The community also benefits from the project.

It makes no financial sense for the Trustees to charge the group rent and water charges to maintain the gardens voluntarily, as without the group they will need to pay a gardening contractor to do the same work.

Without a Support Worker managing the project and encouraging people to attend the project is doomed to fail.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition to the Leigh House Trustees and to Sirona Care.


Reasons for signing

  • it's much needed.
  • have worked for many years on the Mount Community Association garden in Frome - a voluntary project which has become a valuavle focu for community support. With you mental health focus of course you need a support worker and it's outrageous that Sirona want to charge you rent and water!
  • This group is so valuable to the community - not only have they thoughtfully and beautifully maintained the community garden over many years but they also offer friendship and support to all community members that want to join.


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