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To: West Oxfordshire District Council

Save The Rock Barn

We call on West Oxfordshire District Council to creatively look at ways to list and/or acquire The Rock Barn, Market Square as a community asset.

Why is this important?

The Rock Barn, Home of MuzoAkademy, provides unique services to the community of West Oxfordshire and is at risk of demolition to make way for 6 luxury flats.
Based in the heart of Witney, the Rock Barn welcomes everyone to engage with music to enrich their lives and the lives of others. The Rock Barn has become a community hub for people from 3 yrs to 89 yrs many with mental health, physical, learning and clinical needs.
There is no other provision like the Rock Barn in the local area.
If you work, live or study in West Oxfordshire (child or adult) please sign.

West Oxfordshire District

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