To: Tim Parker, Chair Post Office Limited

URGENT - DEADLINE LOOMING! Save Finsbury Park Post Office

URGENT - DEADLINE LOOMING!  Save Finsbury Park Post Office

Keep Finsbury Park Post Office at 290, Seven Sisters Road, London N4 2AB, open and fit for purpose.

Why is this important?

We are 2 weeks into a 6-week (tokenistic) 'consultation' period to downgrade our Post Office in Finsbury Park. We have 4 weeks left to ramp up our response. The petition needs to reach 2000
signatures to trigger a debate in full Council Meeting. We all know that Crown Post Office provides important services that feed into the social and economic vitality of the area it serves. Our Post Office is under threat of being downsized into the corner of a store. Here are just a few reminders why we need to keep it viable and serving our community:
1. There is massive regeneration and development of Finsbury Park: our Post Office should be expanding rather than reduced within a franchise.
2. . Franchises depend on profit; franchise takeovers of Post Offices show a track record of low pay and conditions; high staff turnover; less experienced staff; long queues; people becoming irritated...
3. Big picture is that Crown Post Offices process 40% of financial services mail so are a crucial component of London’s economy. Track record of franchises is loss of experienced staff who are able to deal swiftly and efficiently with complex queries so business users suffer loss of time and money.

4. With a strategy of downgrading services, Post Office Limited’s own branding to serve the ‘heart of the community’ would appear to be a nonsense! Could those highly paid PO Ltd Board executives have signed up to such a policy without researching implications for Finsbury Park? We have massive development! Rapid population growth! Increasing demand!

5. A franchise will lose experienced staff who provide a patient, knowledgeable and polite service. Our PO is used by local businesses, hard-working families; small traders, disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals, (including people with issues of mild dementia; people whose first language is not English, people with disabilities, people with hearing or sight loss.

6. Finsbury Park Post Office serves an area of super-diversity. We need a commitment to promoting social cohesion. The strategic planning policy of National and local government (we have three bordering London boroughs - Hackney, Islington and Haringey) has made this commitment. Reducing Finsbury Park Post Office service by squeezing it into the corner of a store would undermine opportunities for social cohesion.

7. Downsizing to franchise of our PO would erode choice, limit access across our whole community, impact negatively on social cohesion and serve no-one's best interests.


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Finsbury Park, London

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Reasons for signing

  • The staff and service provided by the Finsbury Park Post Office is excellent. Who can doubt the service will get worse under a franchise.
  • I use the services at this post office and I would like it to function with no problems.
  • I am signing on behalf of the Highbury Community Assn. as we object to the Post Office becoming a franchise which means lower wages, long queues, reduced facilities, high staff turnover, lack of experience


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