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To: Theresa May and the goverment

Say NO to passports being produced anywhere but the UK

Say NO to passports being produced anywhere but the UK

Stop the order for new passports being placed with any company outside the U.K.

Why is this important?

The main reason
1) security a passport is a critical document and should not be made outside the UK
2) if we loose the jobs then the supposed 124 million savings will be wiped out in lost tax, NI, and increased benefits
3) we should be protecting and supporting our industry not giving business to countries that Would not allow that to happen in their country.
4) we are leaving the EU so it's not in our interests to allow another company to have such a hold over our security.
5) Britain has fantastic companies doing great things and if we are to succeed we need to give them every help we can

Reasons for signing

  • The eu should not hold any information on citizens of the UK once we leave.
  • Why should anyone else benefit from this change that has been forced on us.?
  • Why not. !!!!


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