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To: Bradford On Avon Town Council

Skate Park for Bradford On Avon

Skate Park for Bradford On Avon

The only existing set of skate ramps in BOA (at Poulton Park) is soon to be removed, and is currently unusable and unsafe. This petition requests that Bradford On Avon Town Councillors work with Wiltshire Council to build a skate park to replace this lost resource.

Why is this important?

Skateboarding, scootering and associated activities are hugely popular with young people. There is a high demand for somewhere safe and exciting in the town for skaters to use. At present, most skaters use the station car park. They deserve something better. There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that provision of resources like skate parks greatly reduces youth crime and unrest, which benefits the local community and contributes to making towns more vibrant places to live.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Bradford On Avon Town Councillors. There are Council meetings on 17th and 23rd May relevant to this campaign, so the petition will also be presented at these.


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Reasons for signing

  • Hi. We have just returned from a week long stay in BOA. Currently live in South West London and considering moving to BOA and a skate park would help sell it to our kids! We were quite shocked to see lots of kids hanging out in the car park with their boards. BOA needs a proper skate park in the heart of the community. Come on Wiltshire Council, sort it out!!
  • Skateboarding keeps me young. everyone should get the chance
  • Let’s VISIBLY make a great scoot/skate place for our next generation of decision makers. Let’s make it high profile, not tucked away. Something that says “this is good” not something we reluctantly embrace as a community, instead pushing children to the peripheries. Let’s build and collaborate, not isolate and build resentment. Our youth are our biggest asset. We can’t let antisocial behaviour tarnish the majority of well behaved kids. Come on BOA, we can do this!


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