To: The Government and the Queen on behalf of a grateful nation.

Social Hero

Social Hero

Erin Pizzey, inline with Britan's grand tradition of being world leaders in the fields of social justice and equality, has, for the whole of her adult life fought ceaselessly for equality and justice. Erin Pizzey founded the UK's and the World's first women's refuge in the 1970's, inspiring a global movement that has helped millions of people. And despite personal and physical attacks and death threats, she continues to fight for the rights of women and men alike. In the 70's she correctly identified that both men and women are responsible for Intimate Partner Violence, (Domestic Violence), and that both need help in resolving their problems. And that both women and men are victims of IPV and both need help and shelter. And despite over 30 years of studies and statistics that have proven her right, she continues to be vilified, and men and women continue to be denied the help they need.

When violent women are denied help they needlessly continue to destroy their families and commit violence against children. When fathers and their children are denied refuge from violent mothers, again, children suffer. It is the delusion of society, promoted by divisive activist factions within the feminist movement, that denies the social truth that both men and women are capable of violence and aggression and that both need help.

Why is this important?

Erin Pizzey is a bonafide hero, having stood for justice when other would not and suffered persecution for her correct beliefs. She has maintained and contributed to making Britain great and socially just. And for her troubles, she has received no recognition from her home country and it is a disgrace.

Erin Pizzey's should be recognized for her dedication and contributions by a grateful nation and included in the New Year's honours list. She is worthy of appointment to the noble Order of the Garter or at least should be awarded an MBE.