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Southport Says - Promote Safe Alternatives to Fracking

Southport Says - Promote Safe Alternatives to Fracking

We, the undersigned residents of, and visitors to, Southport are opposed to fracking and the damage it will bring to public health, the environment and the climate.

As the MP for Southport, we call on you to become fully informed about the risks associated with fracking and to represent the people in Southport by opposing fracking at every opportunity you get. Also we ask you to campaign for repeal of any PEDL that presents risk to Southport.

We look to you to promote safe alternatives and to protect the peace and tranquility of our tourist town.

Why is this important?

Evidence from other countries and from the only Fracking to be carried out todate in the UK at Preece Hall in Lancashire demonstrates the industry has a proven record of environmental failures. At Preece Hall, which was being Fracked by Cuadrilla in 2011, as many as 46 earth tremors and 2 official earthquakes were experienced resulting in the site being closed down.

Evidence has also been considered by the governments own Environmental Audit Committee and as part of their 2015 report they concluded:

"Despite the assurances from some that environmental risks can be safely accommodated by existing regulatory systems, an extensive range of uncertainties remains over particular hazards—to groundwater quality and water supplies, from waste and air emissions, to our health and to biodiversity, to the geological integrity of the areas involved, and from noise and disruption. Uncertainty about their significance is in part a reflection of the fact that fracking operations have yet to move beyond the exploratory stage in the UK. It is imperative that the environment is protected from potentially irreversible damage.
• Fracking must be prohibited outright in protected and nationally important areas.
• Full containment of methane must be mandated.
• Fracking should be prohibited in all water source protection zones.


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Reasons for signing

  • Fracking is bad for the environment.


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