To: Tom Pursglove

Squash the Squash Courts

Squash the Squash Courts

We demand you stop campaigning for money to be wasted on Squash Courts when Libraries, Schools, Health Services, and Public Transport are suffering due to the damaging Conservative Government cuts.

Why is this important?

Corby Borough Council puts the health and fitness of it's residents on the top of their agenda, and is committed to supporting public and private health and fitness facilities. Corby has the international swimming pool, The Tennis Centre, The Table Tennis Centre, Adrenalin Alley and many more clubs and private companies that offer ways for the many (not just the few) to keep fit. Corby Borough Council also has a wildlife corridor approach to developments which supports and protects the largest area of woodland within an urban area in the UK.

What Corby Borough Council does not have is the proper financial support from the Conservatives on the Northamptonshire County Council and in the government. These should be the priorities not "white elephant projects" costing millions that will only help a tiny minority.


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2017-11-14 16:16:32 +0000

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