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state pension age

state pension age

Rethink and abolish the decision on raising the state pension retirement age to from 68 from 67 - having 2 state pension age changes in 1 working career is a step too far.

Why is this important?

Most people now in their 40's have been affected by a state pension age rise from 66 to 67, but now, today, the government wants you to work until you are aged 68. This has been pushed forward years earlier than originally proposed. It was to be implemented in 2044 but will now be implemented between 2037-2039. This will have a direct impact on all UK taxpayers currently aged between 39 and 47 who were born between 06/04/1970 - 05/04/1978 - a total of 6 million people in the UK working population paying taxes and national insurance contributions. People within this bracket have already had their state pension age pushed forward 1 year by this government in it's current tenure which is punishment enough. You should be entitled to retire and enjoy the benefits of retirement at 67 without moving the goalposts. This opportunistic government has not only upped your age before you can claim back for your contributions - now it wants another year from you. I want to see the UK taxpayers protected by applying legislation that only allows one change to retirement age in a persons working age. 1 working career = 1 change not punishment. Please lets get this voted for and debated in Parliament.

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  • I have had 2 changes to my State Pension Age so know how this feels. First change to 64 from 60 and then in 2011 another 2 years added on, making 6 in total. This is a punishment for being born in the 1950's so totally agree and sympathize with the generation born in the 1970's and it has to be stopped.


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