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To: Glasgow Council

Stop forcing disabled children to attend mainstream schools

Stop forcing disabled children to attend mainstream schools

We want help for my local committee P.A.C.T For Autism to help disabled children all over Glasgow get a fair shot of being in the correct schools to support their needs instead of being forced into mainstream schools.

Why is this important?

Please sign our petition to help us get this issue sorted as soon as possible, we need 250 signatures by July 31st to get this moving, please help us help these children.

Hundreds of children are being forced into mainstream schools that have little to no resources to cater to their special needs. There are very few staff members with the correct training to help theses children & the members who do have the training are already overwhelmed with the amount of children with special needs attending the schools.There are specialist units/schools all over Glasgow which are decreasing their intake numbers until they are virtually empty & will be closed. This is unfair to not only the children but also to their families and the overwhelmed staff members at all the mainstream schools.

P.A.C.T - Parents And Carers Together For Autism


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Reasons for signing

  • Mamy disabled children are bullied In main stream schools which isn't fair on them as some cannot even defend themselves
  • The relationship between society and autism has always been the elementary conditions ( environmental & status) ' those individuals require confirmation on backing them up wherever possible ! A text relaying service for example to assist with anything that is a matter that requires more action's about a subject or hurdle .
  • Most mainstream schools are not trained to teach children with special needs which leads to children not reaching their full potential. Schooling is not one size fits all. Each child is an individual and should never be denied the chance of being happy and in education that suits their own specific needs.


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