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To: Amber Rudd (Climate Change Minister) and Elizabeth Truss (Environment Minister)

Simple law to stop misery of shoddy products.

Help end the evils of planned obsolescence (Where companies make our products highly breakable and unfixable on purpose.)


By simply bringing in a law that makes manufacturers publish the expected lifespan of their products.

Why is this important?

Imagine if manufacturers had to say how long they expect their products to last and backed it with a guarantee.

For the first time people will be able to make a real choice when they buy something.


"Do I get the £15 kettle that lasts 1 year?
the £30 kettle that lasts 5-6 years?"

This makes things simple. We deserve to know what we are buying!

"Planned Obsolescence" (where manufacturers purposefully design their products to break or be unfixable) is on the rise. It might bring profits in for shortsighted companies, but it is a growing disaster for the environment and it means that we are stuck buying the same shoddy things again and again. Having your kettle/hoover/dishwasher break is not just annoying, it traps people in a cycle of poverty.

But there's something we can do!

If people know how long something is expected to last, we can see if the "cheap prices" are really worth it.

It's likely that companies will realise that have to do better, and up the durability of their products or risk having to publish some dismal figures.

Us consumers have been trapped by these companies strategies for too long and it's time for us to get some power back. The power of choice.

Please sign the petition. The planet will thank us all.

We can do it!


PS. Follow and share the campaign with the hashtag #built2break
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