To: Lancashire Teaching Hospital Trust

Stop massive parking charges at Chorley Hospital

Stop massive parking charges  at Chorley Hospital

Reverse the massive increases in car parking charges at Chorley & South Ribble Hospital and Preston Hospitals .

Stop the new plans to introduce car parking charges for disabled people.

Why is this important?

The public are facing increasing financial pressure when attending our hospitals this is unfair , exploits hospital users . The increases have risen by 100% on some parking bands .


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Reasons for signing

  • Even Blue holders aren't exempt any more. The knock on effect is that people are overloading hospital transport because they can't afford the parking charges. It's quite ridiculous! Car park was virtually empty yesterday morning.
  • I am an OAP elderly disabled and have to visit a few's too expensive can hardly afford it.
  • Please share this disgraceful tax on the less well off sick and disabled


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Demonstration outside Chorley & South Ribble Hospital every Saturday morning 10 am until 11 am .
At the time of writing this will our 69th week , join us!